Modern Theatre

Modern Theatre is one of the twelve branches of dancing offered by the ISTD. It comprises of Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical styles.

Children may start Modern dance exams from the age of 5 with the Primary level, and progress through to the highest level of Advanced 2.

Examinations are held in Wanganui (usually) during August/September each year. Examiners from all over the world annually travel to New Zealand to undertake examination tours.

Modern Theatre training is an excellent preparation for students wishing to progress to Musical Theatre, and complements classical ballet training. With a strong emphasis on style and rhythm, Modern dance can build confidence in the shy child and provide a vehicle for expression in the extrovert!

Classes always start with a limbering section, which enhances flexibility in all dance styles. Each graded level has its own set dance and a ‘teacher’s dance’ which is choreographed to up-to-date music – always a plus for the young dancer!

Classes are upbeat and fun, from beginners right through to senior level.

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