Beginners Ballet

The teaching received at an early age in ballet can have a crucial influence on the development of a young dancer. At Whanganui Ballet & Dance Academy we support young children as they start ballet by offering technical correction in a warm, friendly dance environment.

Children are encouraged to sit exams at an early age as this promotes goal setting and encourages friendly competition. Parents are permitted into the studio to watch class at beginner level, and all children are provided with a CD to practise exam work at home. If parents have any concerns regarding the progress of their children they are encouraged to phone or email the WBDA Director so these concerns can be addressed immediately.

All beginner ballet students take part in our year-end show. This is often the highlight of the year as they experience the stage for the first time and are presented their exam certificates in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Whanganui Ballet & Dance Academy believes in an inclusive, holistic dance environment where young children are given the skills to cope with learning in all situations, as well as developing a lifelong love of dance.

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